About Us

About Us

Soul Agenda Yoga

Yoga is a beautiful, gentle pathway toward deeper presence, more radical self-compassion, heightened inspiration and improved mental clarity. A transformative practice that fine-tunes our quality of attention, not simply to become better at yoga, but to embody a more positive, empowered and creative attitude toward life.

At Soul Agenda, our intention is to nourish community connections, create a loving and safe space for transformation, teach with intention and integrity, and support the empowerment, education, and personal development of all our students and teachers.

Our team of teachers have been carefully and thoughtfully curated to offer consistent, informative and accessible yoga, grounded in care and compassion. Our hope is to bring people not only to yoga, but to each other, giving all who enter our doors a space to simply ‘be,’ held in pure love by our fun and spirited community.

About Nell

Nell as the owner of Soul Agenda Yoga is a heart-led, community-minded Inner West local, as well as Mum to joyous 5-year-old boy Vinny.

Former manager of Soul Agenda Yoga and part of the studio since day one, Nell is ready to take the studio to the future. Originally from Germany and fell in love with the Inner West vibe of Sydney.

“Teaching and sharing my love of Yoga is a blessing, one that began after a truly inspiring 1000km trek I undertook in Spain (Camino de Santiago). I am a full-time practitioner and teacher of yoga, specialising in Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Mums and Bubs, Bikram Yoga, PowerYoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Inferno Pilates and Yogalates.

There is always a reason, more often than not a physical reason, why people take up yoga – whether it be back pain, insomnia, inflexibility or headaches – but that ‘reason’ transforms and sees you never want to stop practising. That’s yoga; experiencing something beyond simply ‘exercising’. Not only are you nurturing your body and health, but you are also doing a great thing for your environment and community – you are relating to people as the best version of yourself.”

Soul Agenda Yoga has been designed as an essential, down-to-earth space that strives to exist harmoniously with and pay homage to the rich culture and history of Balmain as well as to provide an accessible location, in a studio designed to both inspire and encourage relaxation.”

A place to retreat from the demands of your unique version of an urban lifestyle, Soul Agenda Yoga is your moment to re-align with your Soul.

Nell and Vinny